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Philotimo Freestyle Jujitsu is a place where everyone is welcomed as a friend, a place where everyone can be themselves, a place where each person can feel safe and included.

The dojo is a place of happiness, learning and joy, with respect for all living things.

Because every person is different, we celebrate our diversity as a chance for everyone to learn and grow from each other.

As instructors we recognise it is our role to guide students and families to the best possible solutions to the difficulties they may be experiencing.

We believe all students regardless of their circumstances are able to uphold the ideals of the dojo and we look for and believe in this capability in every single student.

Because we never know who could be having a hard time in their lives, we treat each other with extra kindness in and out of the dojo

Our highest goal is for Philotimo students to learn to stand up for themselves, take responsibility for their choices, speak their truth confidently and take their place as valuable and wanted members of the community.