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12 - 17 years High School Girls programs

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Level 1 “Transition” – 12 to 14 years

Level 2 – “Senior Girls ” 15 – 17 years

Level 3 – “Young adult women” 18 – 24 years

The “Arktoi” or “Little Bears” were girls in Ancient Greece who looked after the temple of Artemis. They learned wrestling & sparring as part of their training in the temple. Our all-girls martial arts program provides a safe space for girls to learn self defence in a positive & collegiate environment.

Teenage classes specialise with a particular focus on young girls. Girls 11 – 17 years are at greatest risk of sexual assault and this age group also coincides with the greatest drop in participation in both martial arts and group sport – not just in Australa, but worldwide.

Girls have particular requirements when learning the more adult aspects of martial arts and we provide a safe space for them to “be themselves” while developing confidence and skill. ult Women’s program, which allows them to continue on their martial arts journey and progress into mixed classes should they wish.

Promising students are invited to join our Tournament program which feeds into our all-girls competition.