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Philotimo Jujitsu in partnership with Michelle Collins of Northern Districts. Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic runs TWO Physio Skills Clinics per term.

Michelle is a highly qualified Physiotherapist & one of our own students.

Physio Skills Clinics focus on exercises to strengthen problem areas that cause pain, weakness or postural issues for students practicing jujitsu.

(These classes do not offer any kind of therapeutic physiotherapy, nor do they replace physiotherapy for treating ailments or issues students may be experiencing)

  • 2nd and 7th Weeks of term
  • Free to Philotimo Students
  • Week 2 Clinic open to all (but bookings essential during covid)
  • Week 7 Clinic is invitation only to allow our Physiotherapist to work on students in need of
    closer coaching / training

Students are told in advance what the focus on each term’s sessions will be. Core strength, knees, ankles, necks, backs… Michelle will work through these areas. We ask only that students practice skills between clinics.

Physio Skills clinic is NOT designed to be an alternative to or replacement of your Physiotherapist.  If you need physiotherapy we always recommend going to clinic for professional treatment.