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Self defence for women and girls of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds (CALD)

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Girls and Women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds often have special needs and requirements that can create barriers to accessing programs like self- defence

Martial arts are often male dominated or have mixed classes, which women of Islamic backgrounds cannot attend.

Philotimo as a women-only dojo provides a safe, culturally appropriate and encouraging environment for all women, and specifically women of CALD backgrounds who wish to train Jujitsu.

Our Lakemba dojo was started with the aid and support of the Islamic Women’s Welfare Association (IWWA) in the summer of 2020. Since that time it has grown to a full sized program with classes for all ages, and introducing women’s classes in 2023 for mothers of the girls we teach.
Girls train the full syllabus of Jujitsu in a welcoming and challenging environment with respect to the specific needs of our students.

In November 2022 the senior girls from the squad took out the first place spots in their divisions in the All Girls Open Styles Martial Arts competition. We are extremely proud of their achievements.

The Lakemba dojo does not bow on or off the mats, or to the teacher, but rather pays mindful attention to the beginning and end of class, and a small offer of thanks or prayer each time the student steps off the mats, for the opportunity to learn.

We are proud in 2023 to be partnering with many different community organisations in the Bankstown and Liverpool areas to bring support and confidence to girls and women.

It is the heart of Philotimo that we are a welcoming and inclusive environment for all women of all backgrounds.