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18 + “Mothers Program” AGATHOS KAI SOPHOS

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One of the special things about Philotimo Jujitsu is that Mothers train FREE with enrolled children. It is the philosophy of the school that all women should learn self defence – but often women, and specifically mothers, do not make time for themselves to learn this vital skill.

Classes run at times that women can attend with their children, and it is possible for mothers to bring young children to Saturday morning class where they are watched over by senior instructors while mothers train. Tuesday night mothers class also provides this opportunity so that mothers can train while their kids do homework or read a book. It makes a huge difference in the lives of women and to the community feel of the class. And of course… mums can bring their daughters and train with them in class at both sessions.

Mothers who do not have children enrolled in the program simply pay the same term fee as the adults program if they wish to attend.


For many women, taking up a new sport or attempting a martial art after a long break can be daunting and sometimes scary. Women are afraid of getting hurt,  getting injured or of just “being too slow”

None of these fears should hold a woman back from joining Philotimo. We know because our classes are run by women, for women. We use crash mats, safety equipment and appropriate exercises that support and encourage women. There is no pressure to grade or to move quickly through the syllabus. Emphasis is on feeling strong, confident and flexible in your own body. From there comes a sense of mastery that drives women to continue their martial arts journey. Classes are supportive, with a strong sense of community and sisterhood.