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18+ Mixed adults class TIMOMENOI PHILOI

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Any time or age is a good time to start a new skill like learning a martial art!

Full care is taken to provide appropriate techniques to students of all ages & stages – after just one or two lessons you’ll discover it’s not too hard, you are more than capable, and it’s fun! We have had students who are amputees, have pacemakers, stents & more. We will look after you while providing a challenging & varied syllabus that will get you fit and give you a renewed confidence and zest for life, without injuring you.

We have an open and welcoming attitude to all other styles and the name of our adult program, “Timomenoi Phili” means “honoured friends” ; the spirit of martial friendship is of high importance in Philotimo.

Almost got your black belt but stopped at brown? Come and train with us whatever your style and get that black belt you always wanted but never finished. It’s a great feeling to finish what you started!